Enjoy the view of Hanover or Hannover

Enjoy the view of Hanover or Hannover

The view from the dome in the new town Hall can be enjoyed all year round, from the shooting place only once a year. These rides offer fabulous views of Hanover.

Ferris Wheel Roue Parisienne.

The nostalgic Ferris wheel with open and closed gondolas. One of the most beautiful in Europe.

Of course the new Town Hall with its almost 100 metre high dome offers the highest Ausblickspunkt over Hanover, but: sometimes it is worthwhile to change the perspective. During the Hanoverian, you have ten days to take a look around the city from a new direction – even at different speeds and inclinations.

In the Ferris wheel

You should not only pay attention to the classic as a romantic. After all, the "La Grande Roue Parisienne " is already a regular guest on the festival square and significantly influences the Silouette of the world's biggest shooter. If you take a seat here, you will climb to a total height of 48 meters at a pleasant speed. Just enjoy Hannover with an Escort! Thanks to rotatable gondolas, you don't really get away from the Wuseligen drift on the shooter's place. Especially worth a ride in the late evening hours, when the shelter and the city sink into a sea of lights. High up is also the best opportunity for a innocuous selfie with the or the loved one. The best way is to get new guests downstairs, because then the colorfully lit Ferris wheel will stand.

In the giant wing

If you like a Schipppe drauflegt in terms of speed and also get along with shaky impressions, you can take a seat in the booster Maxxx mega G4. The obvious giant wing shoots the passengers at a height of 55 meters at up to 100 kilometers per hour. At least before the gondola rushes in the direction of the ground, one has the possibility to go inside, to soak up the beauty of the city and then to shout his luck at the departure over the entire place. The released power of 4k ensures that each of the total of eight passengers will be seated nicely.

In the giant swing

Konga offers a completely different perspective for daring televisions. The giant swing, visually trimmed on the jungle, hurls up to 20 people through the air. Having arrived at a total height of 45 meters, a flight angle of 120 degrees goes to the depth, an overblow remains. Thanks to a special on-board video system, visitors to the ground are also given live broadcasts that the freedom above the shooter's place is truly boundless. At least until it goes down with four times the gravitational force. Those who still have the sense of driving after new impressions can still take a seat in the Ferris wheel. Or